TPL Custom Capacitors can be made to your specifications with composite materials possessing a high dielectric constant (k>50) and forming capabilities of a polymer.  
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TPL, Inc. - Barium Strontium Titanate Powders; Ceramics, Film & Composite Dielectrics; High Voltage Capacitors;  Barrel Cladding; Energy Harvesting

TPL, Inc. is a materials science-based technology development and manufacturing company, a technologies to products leader based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. TPL, Inc. has three divisions the Capacitance Products Division, Defense Systems Division, the  and Micropower-EnerPak Division. The Capacitance Products Division is developing advanced capacitance materials and products for a number of applications including electromagnetic weapon systems, proton accelerators for cancer treatment.  Capacitance Products also manufacturers nano size ceramic dielectric powders, Barium Titanate, Strontium Titanate and Custom formulations of Barium and Strontium Titanate. Capacitance Products also specializes in monolithic ceramic capacitors and substrates, as well as specialty dielectric materials.

Defense Systems has introduced groundbreaking technologies that enhance warfighter capabilities.  TPL, Inc.'s expertise in the Explosive Cladding of Gun Barrels extends the life of the weapon system six to ten fold in resisting bore erosion.  TPL, Inc. also produces Flashless Gun Powder which provides a distinct improvement in combat effectiveness and soldier survivability for close combat, nighttime engagements.

The Micropower Technologies Division has developed EnerPak,  an endless power system for wireless sensor networks based on micro-battery and micro-supercapacitor components.  EnerPak is an energy harvesting technology that can harvest energy from Solar, Vibrational, or Photovoltaic. 
TPL, Inc. News!
June 2014- Vice President of Capacitance Products Presents at the 2014 IEEE International Power Modulator and High Voltage Conference in Santa Fe, NM.  View the presentation here.

May 2014
- Vice President of Capacitance Products Presents at the IMAPS High Temperature Conference in Albuquerque, NM.  View the presentation here.

May 2014- TPL, Inc. offers custom materials and passive components for high voltage and high power applications.  TPL’s nanocomposite dielectrics provide compact energy storage, power transmission and voltage protection through a combination of high dielectric constant and voltage strength.  Design and manufacture of compact capacitors, pulse forming structures, antennas and surge protection is available.

January 2012 - Cladding wins DOE Phase I for Explosive Bonding of Plasma Facing Components

October 2011 - TPL, Inc. Begins Work on Air Force Phase II STTR for High Energy Density Nanocomposite Based on Tailored Surface Chemistry

June 2011 - Capacitance Products Wins Air Force Phase II STTR for High Energy Density Nanocomposite Based on Tailored Surface Chemistry

February 2011  - Capacitance Products Wins Air Force Phase II SBIR for Wide Temperature, High-Frequency Capacitors for Aerospace Power Conditioning Applications!

October 2010 - IDTechEx Honor TPL's EnerPak with Best in Energy Harvesting Award!

September 2010 - TPL Wins DOE Phase II Entitiled "Nanocomposite Film Capacitors for High Energy Accelerators"

September 2010 - TPL EnerPak Energy Harvesting Power Management System Completes Two-Year Performance in Utility's Wireless Sensor Network Beta Test

June 2010 - TPL Wins NIH Phase II SBIR for Proton Therapy Advances for Cancer Treatment
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